YALI: Probably the future of African Leadership?


YALI stands for Young African Leaders Initiative. It was introduced by the United States Department of State under Barack Obama’s administration in 2010.

Get to know it

Through YALI, the African youth is given the opportunity to flourish through skills programmes aimed at either introducing them to entrepreneurship, and for those desiring a different flavour – Civil Leadership and Human Rights. As interesting as it is, it also allows flexibility through an online or contact course. The beauty behind it all is that at the end of the programme you become an alumnus. Being an alumnus you avails you the opportunity to do other courses within the framework or simply apply for others that are sponsored by the USA.

Let’s break it down a bit

One of the Entrepreneurship courses offered is called Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business. Through this course you learn how to develop a business model as well as a business plan, identifying your market and knowing how to pitch to investors. 

Another course that caught my eye is Servant Leadership. Here you are given a breakdown of what servant leadership is as well as its basic principles, the five key styles of leadership and finally, how it can all be applied practically. 

After taking all lessons you are tested and with a successful score you get to earn your certificate. I cannot stress enough how vital this opportunity is- believe it or not, as free as it is, it makes you stand out!

YALI is not just about the workplace, but empowerment in many crucial aspects. Such empowerment is seen through other courses aimed at helping us understand the value of renewal resources in this changing world. This is because the better we understand our resources the more we can be sustained as a continent. 


My experience was a lovely one. I came across YALI through the University of South Africa (UNISA). I’ve always had the love for business, so it was easy to familiarise myself with the work. However, if you’re testing the size of your passion then YALI is still the perfect place for you. YALI’s lectures are one of the best in the continent and their work ethic is enough to put a little extra into that passion. All this is to continuously provide the YALI student with the platform to learn through the best at a pace which is not strenuous at all. 

Visit YALI on: https://yali.state.gov/

Kgomotso Moagi – Corporate Assistant at Entrepreneuse
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Kgomotso Moagi


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