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We would like to introduce to you: Worklings. This project was created with entrepreneurs and start-ups in mind. The offerings of the Worklings project are designed and developed to make the lives of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs easier. This project provides a wholistic approach to the entrepreneurial journey and is offered in two parts: the Worklings at Work sessions and the Worklings digital platform.

Let us explain some terms before we go on any further

1. The term “workling” means one who works.

2. Adding -ling to the end of a word may also imply smallness.

We took elements of both explanations and used them in naming this project. Firstly, we believe that all the participants and users of our workshops and platform will be working towards making their respective businesses a success. The action of working on your business therefore makes you a workling. Secondly, small beginnings are often the start of something great. And that’s exactly what this project is about – the small beginnings of soon to be successful entrepreneurs.

Worklings at Work sessions

These are a series of workshops where aspiring and existing women in business can acquire the necessary skills needed to start and maintain a sustainable business. The workshops will take place in areas that have less access to resources, such as townships and rural areas throughout South Africa. The aim is to leave a measurable impact in communities where there is a lack of skills development and business incubation services.

In addition to the sessions, a well constructed guide will be available online after each workshop. The purpose of the guides is to provide a detailed explanation of the topics we will be covering in the workshops. Entrepreneurs who have attended will, therefore, have something to refer to after the workshops. Those who were unable to attend will also remain updated.

Worklings topics, venues and dates

Our first workshop is called Getting Started and will focus on the tools needed for starting a business. In this workshop, we will be touching on everything from registering a business, right through to the differences between a business plan, business model and business profile.

Entry to all our workshops is FREE for all female entrepreneurs. For any male entrepreneurs who are interested in joining the workshops, we kindly request that you bring a pack of sanitary pads which will go towards our annual pad drive initiative.

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