To be a boss or not to be a boss?

That is definitely not the question.

There are times in a young black woman’s life where decisions no longer feel like her own.

Fortunately, I have been given the character, as well as the personality, of a man who raised and moulded me. He shaped me to be strong and to go against the current, where I saw fit. Thus giving me the masculine ideal of what I thought I should be, not realising that due to my gender, I had become the disruption in the ideals of how a woman should conduct herself.

In life, as well as in business, I decided to leave the undermining and self destroying ideals and pressures of what is expected of me. I did this, even through the male gaze and sometimes belittlement of my potential. I was lucky enough to have found a woman whose path was often similar to mine. Through these similarities, we created an agency which has allowed us to truly guide and create a path of which our minds and hearts are elated by.

sankara digital

So, what do you do?

Responding to this question always brings us pride, but there is also an indescribable stress that comes with the answer. “I own my own agency,” will, however, always make the illusion of being your own boss seem appealing and almost admirable.

But as many have said, there is more beneath the iceberg and for us there continues to be. Alexia and I are a deadly combination in both the positive as well as the negative aspect. One being we are strong, hardworking and in some ways – even though we hate to admit it – visionaries. We are also the perfect examples of the minorities who, more times that we wish to admit, have the current pushing against us.

Sankara digital team

Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the weak nor the faint hearted. Sometimes we go to sleep at night after meetings that could have been emails, men looking at us and judging us based on our appearance and age. And not to mention the number of no’s we receive on a daily basis, but it’s all worth it.

This is a path that I have never regretted and I look forward to the wins my gut ensures we will experience.

To be in control of who, when and what you do is a power which reflects in confidence, furthermore shaping you into the person you wish and have found yourself to be.

Fatima Fakude – Cofounder of Sankara Digital


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