10 Reasons Why PR is Important for a Start-up

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Public relations (PR) is a basic function that every business needs whether it be a start-up or a long-running company. Many clients mistake the discipline with Marketing and Personal Assistant roles, which are closely related, but not the same. 

What is PR?

The Oxford dictionary defines Public relations as “the business of giving the public information about a particular organisation or person to create a good impression.”

Specialists compile press kits, arrange admin around media interviews, represent the brand, coach, advice on PR strategies, analyse ROI in all coverage received only to name a few. The goal of public relations is to create a good impression which ultimately attracts more revenue or sales.

Why is PR important?

Below are 10 reasons why PR is important for start up’s.

1. PR specialists are well connected with the media.

Your PR will know who to go to, when to go to those contacts and how to get coverage much quicker because they have built relationships with media over time. They make calls and set up interviews in no time.

2. PR can help with networking, they can show you the direction on where to go and which doors to knock on.

A specialist can help connect you with key role players in your industry by getting you invitations to industry-specific events award ceremonies and meetings.

3. PR can play an advisory role in branding and how to better improve your company image for better results.

4. Specialists help with setting up the perfect time to release a project as they are attuned to news climates and what works and what won’t in a certain time.

5. If PR is done right, it can help your brand attract customers, grow your sales and get some coveted media attention. 

6. Should the need arise, PR can help with disaster management.

They can represent a company in a time where something unfortunate has happened.

7. Simple writing, grammar errors and spelling can affect a company’s image to the general public, PR makes sure that all written work is up to standard and can be disseminated for public consumption.

8. Some founders are not good with speaking or pitching their ideas to investors.

PR can stand in for them.

9. PR helps start-ups make a great first impression and build a reputable brand.

10. Founders usually run all departments of a start-up and that can be very taxing on one person.

Busy founders need PR to stand in for them from time to time when they cannot address the media themselves.

LeCom PR

Start up’s are riddled with difficulties and most of the time the biggest challenge is lack of capital. A solution is not to hire a PR Company or consultant full time but bring them in for specific projects. If you would like to push a product or accolade in the media and to the general public PR is the way to go.

Lebogang Sekgwama – Founder of LeCom PR and Communications 


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