Pad drive

Entrepreneuse is a social enterprise with a vision to change societies and economies across Africa for the better. At the core of our company’s ethos lies empowerment, particularly the empowerment of women in business as well as young people. In all our divisions, we have one goal: empower people so that they may empower others.


The future is female.

We have three divisions working towards a common goal through various service offerings. Our first division, business consulting, focuses on providing affordable professional services to small businesses. Small businesses play a vital role in stimulating the economy. In helping these businesses build a name for themselves and cement their value propositions in the market, we are giving them the opportunity to focus on scaling and employing members of their communities.

The driving division of our mission statement is social development. This division currently comprises of two projects, Worklings and Lushaka. Worklings is a project focused on encouraging economic growth within rural areas and townships by upskilling entrepreneurs in those areas and exposing their businesses to funding opportunities.

Lushaka is a project created to provide educational resources, career guidance and work-readiness tools to children in high school.

Lastly, we have an outreach division comprising of two foundations, Spread Love Foundation and Womxn Matter. Spread Love Foundation initiates a variety of community outreach projects such as pad drives for the less fortunate young women across the country, blanket drives for the homeless and many more. Womxn Matter is a movement which was started in response to the gender-based violence and femicide statistics in South Africa. It focuses on educating and creating awareness while promoting accountability and rehabilitation on these societal issues.